You Know You’re Old When:

The cute young thing behind the cash register at the buffet gives you the senior discount without even asking if you qualify (this happened to me at age 45!).

You remember when people picked out television sets in part based on how the wooden cabinet would go with the other furniture in the living room.

And you remember watching the very first live transatlantic satellite transmission, and thinking how wonderful it was that you could see things happening on the other side of the world in real time.

You remember when you had to pick up the phone and listen before dialing because some other subscriber on your party line might be using the phone.

And you only called some relatives at Christmas and/or on their birthday because long distance calls were so expensive.

You remember when your grandmother died and people sent telegrams of condolences.

You had a Davy Crockett cap, and all the neighborhood boys had BB guns.

You hear some of the TV ads for 1990’s era dance music CD’s and think that it kind of sounds like disco – but then realize that disco was 20 years earlier.

You remember buying an album of 24 hits from K-Tel

You remember the jingles and announcers from your favorite top-40 radio station – and they actually worked at that particular station, not at some satellite feed HQ that sent the same programming to hundreds of stations.

You remember when car radios were AM only, and had “Conelrad” symbols at 640 and 1240 kiloCYCLES (not kiloHERTZ) on the dial.

You’ve ever looked to see if there is a “tribute” site for your former favorite radio station – and there IS – and the big topic is which of the former on-air personalities have departed this mortal plane.

You remember when people complained mightily because gasoline went above 30 cents a gallon, and swore they’d give up driving if it ever went up to 50 cents.

One of your children just had an operation that is usually only needed when people start to age (e.g. gall bladder removal).

You remember when computers were large behemoths that occupied entire rooms, needed their own cooling system, and were only used by large businesses. And you realize that the computer on your desk probably has far more computing power than that monster computer did.

You gave up on instant messaging because you can’t understand all the shorthand terms the kids type.

You’ve changed your views on religion and politics considerably, and find that you get into arguments with your kids because they picked up your former beliefs and values and haven’t “seen the light” yet!

Muy divertido ahora algunos sabran ubicarse si estan viejos o no! je je je.

Via: How to change the world 


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